20 Hour Restorative Training, Saskatoon

March 23-25, Inner Peace Yoga,

35 Hour Restorative Training, Ottawa/Wakefield

April 5-8, Centre Wakefield La Peche,

Contact if you have any questions or text 647 779 9642

For information about the training click here

To make a deposit you can follow this paypal link.

Training Deposit

Toronto Yoga Conference

April 12-15, Metro Convention Center

Yoga and the Spine Immersion, Sudbury

April 20-22, Myoga

40 Hour Restorative Training, Toronto

May 4-6 & May 25-27, Breathe Yoga Studio

40 Hour Restorative Training, Whitby

June 1-3 & June 22-24, Yoga for All

35 Hour Restorative Training, Regina

June 14-17, Bodhi Tree Yoga, details TBA

Mindful Half Day with Chau Du

July 8, Mindful Bodyworks, Toronto: “Fostering Forgiveness”

Hamilton 20 Hour Restorative Training,

Sept 14-16, De la Sol Yoga Waterdown location, details TBA

Judith Hanson Lasater in Iceland, September 20-22

Andrea is hosting:  Yoga for People with Disabilities and Special Needs Training with Joanne Lyons, Toronto

October 19-21,  Trinity-St Paul United Church and Centre, view details here.

Yoga for the Spine Immersion, Owen Sound

October 28 & 29, Tone Yoga, details TBA

35 Hour Restorative Training, Fredericton

November 1-4, 2018, Grow Yoga 

40 Hour Restorative Training, Sarnia

November 9-11 & December 8-10, Inner Dawn Yoga, details TBA

40 Hour Restorative Training, Burlington

November 16-18 & November 30-December 2 weekends

Chrysalis Yoga Studio, details TBA


300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program, Bali

Asia Pacific Yoga

January 5-26

32 Hour Halifax Restorative Training

April 11-14, Halifax Yoga, Details TBA

40 Hour Brantford Restorative Training

April 26-28 & May 24-26, Be Moved Yoga and Wellness Centre, details TBA

20 Hour Restorative Training Ottawa

May 3-5, Pranashanti, details TBA

Yoga and the Spine Immersion, Albuquerque

August 2-4, High Desert Yoga, details TBA

32 Hour Restorative Training, Edmonton

September 12-15, Prana Yoga details TBA

40 Hour Restorative Training, Yellowknife

September 20-22 & November 23-25, Collective Soul Space, details TBA

Past Workshops and Trainings

Canmore Workshop Series

Three unique workshops on spinal and neck health, as well as the lungs.

March 16-18, The Yoga Lounge

Yellowknife Residency

March 6-12, Radiance Mbodied Yoga

15 Hour Yoga and the Spine Immersion, Edmonton

March 3-4, Prana Yoga Studio

15 Hour Spine Immersion, Brampton

February 10-11, 5 Elements Yoga and Pilates

Whitehorse Residency

December 1-6, with Erica at the Alpine Bakery Yoga Studio

40 Hour Restorative Training, Toronto

November 23-26, Mindful bodyworks

40 Hour Restorative Training, Burlington

October 13-15 & 27-29, 2017, Chrysalis Yoga Studio

20 Hour Restorative Training, Hamilton/Waterdown

October 20-22, De La Sol Yoga Studio

Know thy Hips Workshop, Owen Sound

Tuesday, October 3 6:30-8:30pm, Tone Yoga

Yoga and the Spine Immersion, Moncton

September 23-24,  Shanti Yogi

3 day Workshop Series, St John’s, Nfld

September 14-17,   Yoga Kula

Four Sides of the Lungs, Moncton

September 22, Shanti Yogi

20 Hour Restorative Training Sudbury

June 2-4, at Myoga, details TBA

Restorative Training, Moncton, New Brunswick

April 20/21-24

Shanti Yogi

2017 Toronto Yoga Show

Workshop Series, Regina

15 Hour Spinal Immersion, Canmore, AB

March 10-12

32 Hour Restorative Training, Edmonton, AB

March 2-5

Spinal Immersion, Yellowknife, NT,

Feb 24-26

40 Hour Restorative Yoga Training, Whitby, Ontario

January 6-8 & February 10-12

Information at Deb Beiko Yoga

Hand standing for Everybody Workshop

Hand standing can seem intimidating and is often taught in a way that IS intimidating!  In reality almost anyone can learn handstands, even with 3 minutes of practice a day.  Those advanced students who find themselves stuck at a wall can also find easy ways to go further.    Many safe and easy techniques will be explored to take you further in your journey of learning to balance upside down!  Handstands are safer than many other inverted asanas and are great for the whole spine.   Exhilarating, then centering, they combat depression and cheer us on cold days.  Come out and learn how to handstand in a safe and fun environment!

Know thy Hips and Pelvis

Know Thy Hips:  Not a “hip opening” workshop but rather a nuanced approach to healthy hips where students are able to asses what their hips need most:  more space in the joint, more strength, more flexibility – or a combination of approaches!  We’ll also look at how a healthy balanced pelvis and maintaining healthy curves of the spine help heal the hips.  Come prepared to approach your hips in a new way, learn anatomy, and have fun.  Suitable for students  and teachers with all ranges of yoga ability.  2 Hour Workshop

Handstanding for Everybody Workshop

June 24, 7:40 -9:30

Contact Halifax Yoga

Yoga for the Spine and Biomechanics,  Halifax, Nova Scotia

June 25 & 26

Contact Halifax Yoga

Yoga for the Spine and Biomechanics,  St. John’s Newfoundland

June 17 (evening – related workshop), 18 & 19th, 2016

Contact Yoga Kula Co-Op

Burlington 40 Hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

May 13-15 & 27-29 2016

Contact Chysalis Yoga Studio, Burlington for more information about registration.

Peterborough  40 Hour Restorative Training

April 8-10 & 22-24 Weekends

Contact Hot Yoga Peterborough

Regina 40 Hour Restorative Training

March 4-6 and 18-20 Weekends

Contact Bodhi Tree for more information about registration.

Regina Hand standing for Everybody Workshop

March 19, 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Contact Bodhi Tree for more information about registration.

The Yoga Conference and Show, Toronto

March 31-April 3 – details coming soon.

Canmore 32 Hour Restorative Training, The Yoga Lounge

Sold Out

The Yoga Lounge, Canmore

Feb 18-21, 2016

Contact  The Yoga Lounge for more information about registration.

Yellowknife 20 Hour Introductory Restorative Training

Sold Out

Radiance M-Bodied Yoga, Yellowknife

Feb 26-28

Contact Radiance M-Bodied Yoga for more information about registration.

Toronto 40 Hour Restorative Yoga Training

Sept 25-27 and Oct 2-4 Weekends


Fridays: 6-9pm

Satudays & Sundays:  9am-5:30pm

Location and info:  Fireflow Yoga Studio

Burlington 40 Hour Restorative Training

May 2nd and 23rd weekends

Chrysalis Yoga Studio

St John’s Nfld, Restorative Yoga 40 Hour Training

June 5 (eve), 6-7, 12 (eve), 13-14

Yoga Kula Coop

The Yoga Conference, Toronto, 2015

Canmore, AB Restorative Yoga 40 Hour Training

February 27-29 & March 6-8 (Hours TBD)

Workshop will be held at The Yoga Lounge, Canmore

For a full description of the training, click here.

Toronto, Mastering Handstands:  A workshop for Busy People

Febuary 1, 1pm

Yoga Be in the Path

Further Information TBA


Sudbury:  Handstands, Back bends into Restoratives

February 21, 2-5pm, Myoga Sudbury

For more information click here.

Sault Ste Marie:  Restorative Yoga, and Relaxation for Immunity

February 22, 2-4 pm, Jade Yoga Wellness

To register or for more information click here.

Hamilton 40 Hour Restorative Yoga Training

De la Sol Yoga Center

November 14 –16/ Nov 28&30/Dec 12-14

For further information, click here.

Fall Spinal Immersion, Toronto, 2014

40 Hour Restorative Training ,Toronto

May 9, 10, 30,31, June 1 and 6, 7, 8 (note, the training  does not run over Mother’s Day day or the long weekend)

Fridays 5pm-10pm, Satudays 3pm-8pm, Sundays 1-6pm.

This course will be held at Mindful Bodyworks at Dufferin and St. Clair in Toronto, as well as my home studio on select evenings.

For more information, write

Private Teacher Restorative Intensive with Hot Yoga Wellness, Concord

April 27, 1-4pm

Toronto Yoga Show

March 27-30

Click here for further details

Yoga workshops in Canmore, Alberta

March 22 & 23

Letting Go & Standing Tall: Using applied anatomy in asana, and integrative yoga philosophy to heal our bodies and heal our world.

These workshops will incorporate applied anatomy with healing and fun poses that benefit the spine, it will also embrace an integrative approach to our yoga practice that allows us to stay in relationship with our world.

March 22:  Strengthening the Spine (Low Back), Handstands (for all levels) into Restoratives

March 23:  Strengthening the Spine (Upper Back), Back bends into Restorative Inversions

The Yoga Lounge, Canmore

40 Hour Restorative Training at Bodhi Tree, Regina

40 Hour Restorative Training in Burlington

January 31-Feb 2  & Feb 14-Feb 16, 2014

Fridays 5-9:30pm, Saturdays 1-7:30, Sundays 9-6:30

Chrysalis Yoga Studio

40 Hour Restorative Training in Regina (March)

March 7, 8, 9 & 14, 15, 16

Please check back for further details or contact Bodhi Tree Regina.

Advanced Restorative Training – Toronto

January 11, 12 & February 8-9

Saturdays 3-8, Sundays 10-4

Click here for further details.

Back Care Workshop and Teacher Training in Hamilton ( part one)

This training is open to everyone.

November 9 De La Sol Yoga Studio, Hamilton.

Integrating Restoratives into your Classes (a workshop for teachers)

November 10, Path to Stillness Yoga Studio, Lyndsey, Ontario

For details, scroll to the bottom of the workshop page here.

Yoga for Couples Workshop

October 25, 7:15-8:30

Mindful Bodyworks, Toronto

August Northern Restorative Training – Sudbury

August 17-21, for further details, please contact Cedar Street Yoga.

Spring 40 Hour Restorative Training in Hamilton, 2013

Weekends:  May 11,12  / 25,26 and June 8,9

Contact  De La Sol Yoga Studio

“Part Two” 25 Hour Restorative Training at Breathe Yoga Studio (or Continuing Education for Restorative Teachers, see the course curriculum for details)

April 19-21 – times to be announced, contact Breathe Yoga Studio.

Restorative Yoga for Immunity

Backbending for Beginners

Introduction to Inversions:  Handstand, Headstand, Shoulderstand, and Halasana

Animal Dream Yoga:  A Yoga Workshop for Parents and Kids

Fundamentals of Teaching Yoga to Beginners:  A workshop for Teachers

10 Hour Intensive for Teachers on Restorative Yoga

40 Hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Introduction to Restorative Yoga:  For Yoga Teachers

Introduction to Advanced Restoratives:  Supported Back bends, Shoulder stand, Halasana, and Variations

Yoga Principles in Everyday Life:  Diet, Daily Routine, and Sleep

Yoga Principles in Everyday Life:  Creating Balance in Everyday

Day Long Intensive for Teachers in Restorative Yoga

How to Teach Restorative Yoga in Every Class you Teach:  Twists and Forward Bends, Back bends, and Inversions